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I am an illustrator living in Portland, Maine with my husband, Russell French, a fabulous food photographer, and my happy and talented daughter. Primarily my work has involved kids, family, animals and handwritten typography. But I am open to new subjects - always! I have accumulated over twenty five years of illustration experience and a client list to match.

I come from a family of artists. I originally intended to be a graphic designer (my BFA is in design) but I ended up drawing all my design projects. It didn't take me too long to figure out that I needed to shift my attention. And the graphic design background proved to be essential as I use aspects of design in my illustration work every day. Branding and logo design/illustration are one of my favorite kinds of projects.

I am also the Chair of the Illustration Department at the Maine College of Art. As of late, my life as an illustrator and educator have become interwoven and each feeds off one another. I love my time spent with students - they keep it fresh and keep me on my toes - and my work time in my studio equally.

Parents' Choice Foundation - CD
Parents' Choice Awards - Game design/illustration
Broderson Awards - Silver - Shopping Bags

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